• Black Rice

    NET WEIGHT: 500 gm

    Much before the fad of dieting affected our lives, our parents and grandparents insisted on eating a wholesome meal and rice as always been a key ingredient to stay healthy. There has been a constant debate on the consumption of rice for quite some time now. In Indian culture, rice is called Anna which also means food. So while the debate continues, we explore the lesser-known variant, Black Rice.


    Black Rice, considered as forbidden rice for the longest time, was mostly consumed by Chinese earlier. However now it is gaining popularity for its various health benefits. The dark color of the rice is because of the presence of excessive anthocyanin, an antioxidant that gives most dark-colored plants such an appearance.


    • Black Rice is a rich source of several nutrients like protein, iron, fiber, calories etc.
    • It contains rich amounts of lutein and zeaxanthin which are important for eye health
    • High content of protein and fiber in black rice helps in weight loss
    • It also helps in regulating blood-sugar levels


    Slow Products is happy to bring you the best quality of Black Rice which will ensure you don’t have to compromise on your rice intake, it will satiate your anna craving and still take care of your health.

    Black Rice

  • Brown Rice

    NET WEIGHT: 500 gm


    If rice is given the status of holy food – Anna, then brown rice is considered to be the anna for awakening of mind, body and soul. Brown rice helps in balancing the three doshas – vata, kaff and pitta. Simply put, brown rice is any variety of rice with its husk on. Since it is not processed it retains all its nutrients intact, hence making it a better choice than any other variety of rice.


    Brown rice is a whole grain that contains fibrous bran, germ and endosperm thus making it much healthier.


    • Brown rice is rich in fibre and necessary fatty acids.
    • Brown rice is rich in magnesium which helps in lowering bad cholesterol.
    • Brown rice helps to reduce the increased glucose level hence makes it a perfect choice for diabetic patients.
    • Brown rice takes time in digestion hence helps in weight loss
    • Brown rice has the capacity to cure acne issues because of its high healing property.


    Slow Products is happy to bring the best quality of brown rice from the land of West Bengal. Now buy your pack of brown rice and enjoy a variety of your favourite rice dishes guiltfree.

    Brown Rice

  • Power Keg – Seed Mix

    Net Weight: 350g


    When five of the most powerful ingredients come together in one bottle, it is a sure shot formula to take give your health the necessary boost it needs. That’s what Slow Products’ Power Keg – Seed Mix brings you, a promise of goodness to your health.


    • Watermelon seeds – Energy Booster
    • Pumpkin seeds – Antioxidant
    • Flax seeds – Omega-3 fatty acids
    • White sesame seeds – Fibrous
    • Dry dates – Calcium, Potassium and Yum Tasty


    Slow Products brings you Power Keg – Seed Mix where the benefits of each seed combine to give a unique crunchy texture and mildly sweet flavour. So, buy your pack, toss it in your bag and enjoy good health on the go.

  • Roasted Chia Seeds

    Net Weight: 350g


    It would not be wrong to say that Chia seeds have traveled across the globe along with Aztec history. The main reason for its acceptance worldwide is its power to provide wholesome energy. Chia seeds are mostly used in salads, puddings, or health drinks.


    • Chia seeds are rich in antioxidants hence helping in building better immunity.
    • The unique and most interesting fact about the Chia seeds is that almost all the carbs present in them are fibers making them great for digestion.
    • Chia seeds are rich in protein which makes them the most weight-loss-friendly ingredient.


    Slow Products is happy to bring Roasted Chia Seeds, which can help satiate food cravings and comes in handy as an on-the-go snack.

  • Roasted Flax Seeds

    Net weight: 350g


    Maintaining a healthy lifestyle does not need major changes but needs smaller portions of healthier options in a sustained way. Slow Bazaar is happy to present the emerging superfood and replace your snack cravings with perfectly roasted crunchy Flax seeds.


    • Roasted Flax seeds are a rich source of Omega 3 fats which are considered essential for the human body. While most of the vegetarian ingredients lack this essential fat, one spoonful of flax seeds on regular basis can easily compensate for that requirement.
    • A teaspoon full of Flax seeds on daily basis can help the human body fight against hypertension and cholesterol issues.
    • Flax seeds are a magical ingredient that can be used in many direct and disguised ways in almost every meal. It can be combined with regular flour as an additional ingredient or be added in daily cooking or as a salad dressing to add that extra crunch.


    If you have a sweet tooth then you can sprinkle the seeds on your muffins or cakes for zing or add to your bread and bun for the extra crunch. Or can be best savored as it is to curb your cravings and keep your body weight in check.


    So grab your pack of Roasted Flax seeds, toss it in your bag and enjoy small doses of health and taste effortlessly.

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