• Dry Ginger Jaggery


    Net Weight: 500 g


    Has it happened with you that you have cough or feeling cold and your Dadi-Nani has asked you to mix saunth (dry ginger) and jaggery together and gulp? Why only gulp, it’s a wonderful combination of sweet and a hint of heat to cherish and savour and too good to be a medicine. Well, we thought why not combine the two super rich ingredients and give you a special treat of Slow Dry Ginger Jaggery!


    Saunth (Dry Ginger) and Jaggery together is a heavenly match! Both the ingredients have their distinct individual tastes and complements each other perfectly. Jaggery helps in activating the digestive enzymes and Dry Ginger It is rich in beneficial antioxidants.


    Slow Products is happy to bring this unique combination of jaggery with a hint of Saunth or Dry Ginger in cubes, which can be used for various traditional and innovative recipes and also work wonderfully as home remedy option too.

    Dry Ginger Jaggery

  • Jaggery Chai Masala

    Net Weight: 100 g


    Whether a chilly winter night or an exhausting summer afternoon, the well-brewed Indian style tea or Chai has a magical ability to make any day, season or mood turn into a perfect moment. There is only one more thing which has the same quality and that is … Masala chai!


    Masala chai for many is not just a drink, but it’s like connecting with self, through the aroma and its burst of flavors which always takes one back to some fond memories attached with an individual’s chai experience.

  • Jaggery Powder

    Net Weight: 500 g


    When thinking of a healthier replacement for refined sweeteners, jaggery powder comes in handy. With an option of powder, jaggery can be easily used in daily doses of tea, which not just gives the regular tea extra taste but makes it much healthier.


    Slow Jaggery powder is an excellent source of iron and boosts immunity. It also improves the hemoglobin levels and purifies the blood.


    • It helps in cleansing the body as it is a natural cleanser.
    • It helps in activating the digestive enzymes and helps in stimulating bowel movements.
    • It helps in purifying blood and thus improving the overall health.
    • It helps in increasing the body temperature, thereby helps in keeping the body warm during the winter season.

    Jaggery Powder

  • Solid Jaggery


    Net Weight: 500 g


    As kids, when our grandmothers insisted on having a piece of sweet Gud or jaggery at the end of the meal, we thought our grannies were so generous to allow us desserts after every meal. Little did we know then, that Gud is one of the best ingredients to cool the stomach according to Ayurveda.


    Often referred as ‘Superfood Sweetener’, jaggery has enormous health benefits. Slow Products is glad to bring two variants of Jaggery cubes, while we bring the regular jaggery cubes, which are always preferred, we also bring another variant with a unique combination of jaggery with a hint of saunth or dried ginger. The mild flavour of saunth with the jaggery combines the goodness of both the ingredients with a pleasant flavour and aroma.


    Made with the traditional process, Slow Jaggery cubes are a delight to enjoy. Goodness compressed in the form of a cube, Slow Jaggery helps in regulating the body temperature.


    • Jaggery on a regular basis helps in activating the digestive enzymes and helps in stimulating bowel movements.
    • Adding jaggery in daily diet in limited amounts helps in purifying blood and thus improving the overall health.


    With time and a liking for everything refined, humble jaggery had taken a backseat. However, with researchers claiming the health benefits again, jaggery is back in most of the households as a replacement for the refined sweetener.

    Solid Jaggery


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