• Slow Box

    When was the last time you believed in the word MAGIC? The miracle knocking at your door, melody playing in your ears, a child-like twinkle in the eyes seeing small gifts and just being happy enjoying the simple pleasures of life. Sometimes it’s good to be back to where it all began…


    We might not be able to bring you all the miracles of life, but we promised ourselves to take you back on a journey that will remind you of the best moments of your life. The best gifts and moments are those, which you receive at the time you are expecting them the least.


    Keeping our promise, we bring the magical SLOW BOX, which will not just bring the products mentioned but will also bring with it a bundle of unexpected surprises.


    The classy matte black and subdued gold SLOW BOX is a beautiful gift for those who matter to you the most and whose value in your life cannot be quantified.

    Small Magic Box

    Slow Box


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