• Ajwain Honey

    Ajwain, known as carom seeds in English, is an Asian spice used for adding flavors to various dishes. These seeds have a unique bitter-pungent taste. The benefits of these seeds are not only limited to aroma and taste but go much beyond that. Ajwain has been used as an ayurvedic medicine since ancient times.


    • It is known to promote healthy digestion, treat flatulence, and relieve constipation.
    • Ajwain Honey contains a high amount of Omega 6 fatty acids.
    • Ajwain Honey treats cold, toothache, and wounds and is good for diabetic patients too.


    Enjoy all the benefits of honey and wonder-spice ‘ajwain’ together with Slow Bazaar’s pure Ajwain Honey!

    Ajwain Honey

  • Eucalyptus Honey


    With its unique taste and pleasing aroma, Eucalyptus Honey is sure to add a new dimension to your cooking. Eucalyptus honey is made from the flower nectar of eucalyptus blossoms. Eucalyptus honey’s highly beneficial medicinal properties are what will impress you the most! Good for treating coughs, bronchitis, and asthma, Slow Eucalyptus Honey is rich in Vitamin C, Potassium, Copper, Iron, and Calcium.


    • Eucalyptus honey is naturally antibacterial, supported by hydrogen peroxide, low moisture, and low PH.
    • Eucalyptus honey boosts the immune system as well, and you can also apply it topically on your skin for multiple beauty and skincare treatments.
    • It is a natural remedy for respiratory problems and boosts immunity.
    • Helps heal wounds, ulcers, burns, cuts, abrasions, and sores faster.
    • Effective on insect bites and stings.

    Slow Eucalyptus Honey has no added sugar, no preservatives, is gluten-free, and unfiltered. So, buy your bottle of sweet nectar to get taste and health together.

    Eucalyptus Honey

  • Multiflower Honey


    We all have grown up using honey, but do you know most of the time the honey we have used is Multi-flower honey?


    • Multi-flower Honey works as a natural sweetener, natural supplements that treat & heal various health concerns including indigestion, hair fall, cardiovascular issues, wound & burns, and much more.
    • In our Vedas and Puranas, honey is considered a humectant element that retains all moisture in the skin and keeps it clean.
    • Multi-flower Honey is considered to be the best home remedy to treat sunburn.


    Slow Multi-flower Honey is mild in flavour and is loved by children and adults alike. Spread it on a chapatti or a pancake; apply on skin as a moisturizer or ease out a cough, Slow Multi-flower honey is both yummy and healthy!

    Multiflower Honey

  • Mustard Honey


    Slow Mustard Honey has no added sugars and preservatives and is completely gluten-free and unfiltered.


    • Consuming a spoonful of this honey can also relieve the body from fatigue as it helps the body to maintain glycogen levels.
    • Mustard honey contains pollen propolis that helps in fighting infections and healing wounds. It is rich in Vitamins and Enzymes.
    • Mustard Honey is filled with antioxidants that help in boosting immunity.
    • Rich in protein, fibre, vitamin C and B-complex vitamins, Mustard Honey relieves skin infections like ringworm.
    • Slow Mustard Honey is suitable for all age groups.

    Mustard Honey


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